Lionpoint Group: Enhanced Anaplan Model Performance

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Maximizing your Anaplan models helps ensure that you're getting the best results. Lionpoint Group provides a unique perspective and tactical applications to improve overall model performance by achieving a more thorough understanding of how the Anaplan engine works. Here we share our viewpoint and approach to optimal Anaplanning. Watch as we deliver our message to attendees at CPX 2019, or download the details in the printable PDF below. 



  • @Griffink 

    Wow Griffin! This is awesome!

    Going to put this article right up there with the Planual.

    Should be required reading for anyone that wants to become a solution architect or master anaplanner.

  • Motion to promote Griffin to Grandmaster Anaplanner!

    We at Lionpoint are very proud of all of the work our solution architects and Master Anaplanners put forward, perhaps non moreso than @Griffink. Well done!!

  • I second @zafkamar motion!

  • The block concept explanation as well as the selective aggregation is wonderful. I now understand at least a little bit more how Anaplan thinks. Thank you very much for this article!!

  • Thanks everyone! I am also always available for further discussion 

  • Really good summary of all of the stuff Duncan and I have been presenting over the last 3 years.  Nice to see my "Toll Booth" analogy in there too!!

    Good stuff


  • Misbah


    Very well done! I really enjoyed reading the whole document. It's pure Gold for Model Builders.

    By the way upon reading I stumbled upon this statement and this made me think for a while.

    I think that Line items used for conditional formatting do not behave the same way because CF line items are module specific whereas filters are dimension specific. I might be wrong in reading that statement. What is it that you meant here?


  • @Misbah 

    you are correct

    Currently (and annoyingly), line items used as a source for conditional formatting have to reside within the same module.

    Huge amount of duplication and wasted space

    On my (long) list of things to looks at!)


  • Misbah



    Thanks for the confirmation. I was confused whether I had been doing things inefficiently.🙂


    Amazing that you already have it on your to do list.

  • I have a lot of stuff on my list.  When you've been using Anaplan for 6.5 years, you build up a long list of improvements 😁