Level 1 Model Building - Part 13 Dashboard - Activity: Add Location and Product Page Selectors to DB


In Activity: Add Location and Product Page Selectors to Dashboard, the following screen was displayed.  

Sales Price and Unit Cost were shown.  I did not come across any activity requiring publishing of Sales Price and Unit Cost.

Was there any missing step?






  • Hi Star,


    I checked my Level 1 model which I built last year and I also do not have this grid published on the dashboard. I quickly went through the instructions and did not see any step in which you are asked to publish it. You only need to publish REV 02 and REV 03 modules. 


    This view is indeed quite confusing. Maybe good to contact Academy Team about this.

  • Star
    Thanks for confirming my understanding. Yeah, it's very confusing.
    Do you know the Academy Team can be contacted?
  • @Star 

    You are welcome!


    In the past, I used to contact them via academy@anaplan.com.

  • I managed to achieve this by pulling dashboard elements from SYS04 Location Details (put G3 elements to page and hide line item etc.), published it to the dashboard, but I am unsure it is their intended solution or not,