Level 1 - Model Building - Part 12: Dashboards - Publish REV03 Saved View to Dashboard Page


In the Activity: Publish REV03 Saved View to DashboardPage, the instructions state to publish to Revenue and Margin DB.  Not sure if I am missing any earlier steps as in so far in the activities, the only dashboard created is Margin Calculation DB.


Should it be published to Margin Calculation DB or Revenue and Margin Calculation DB?   




  • Hi Star,


    I have just checked my Level 1 model. Indeed, I have published REV 03 module to the Margin Calculation DB. I do not see any Revenue and Margin DB, there is only 'Revenue and Margin' functional area. I believe it must be a mistake in the instructions. Especially that in the next step, you are asked to publish the chart based on REV 03 to the Margin Calculation DB.


    Hope this helps. 

  • The saved view 'Forecast period ' has to be published to 'Margin calculations DB' Dashboard . The instructions given might be confusing but the 'Revenue and Margin ' is the functional area assigned to the same dashboard.


    Hope this clarifies! 

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    Thank you both for your replies.  They help in confirming my understanding.