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I created a module with a dimension of 3 custom version ( Current version, previous version,delete version ) since I need to retain the original values entered on a specific period and I need to delete data entered in the current version after copying the data in the previous version.. After creating the import action to copy data from current to previous version, I did another import to copy the delete version ( 0 values ) to the current version. When I checked the import actions, only one import is saved. Is there a way to be able to save the 2 import actions?



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  • DmitryP
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    Hi Ana, 

    It is certainly possible.


    This is how I would approach this:


    1) In your module, create 3 views, 1 for each version and name them accordingly. I would suggest to pivot your module so that your "Fake Version" dimension would appear where "Pages" are (on the top).

    2) Save each view.

    3) Do two imports: current to previous version and delete to current version (Presse "Import", choose your views). You need to import a view into another view.

    4) Rename them in your "Imports" action lists to help you understand which is which


    Hope that helps,



  • Hi @Ana22 


    Basically you have to create two import action from two different views. Your first view for copying the current version data to previous version and second view for copying data from delete version to Current version.


    You can also try this:

    1. Create a system module for version mapping



    2. In your data module you can save the view using above as a filter.




    3. Create import action from this view with below mapping:





    Similar steps you can follow for copying delete version to Current version.


    Below is the result after executing import action.




    Hope this helps




  • Thank you so much Dmitry. 🙂
  • Thanks so much Akhtar! 🙂