Level 1 Model Building - Importing Data



In going through the import data files (e.g. Products), I came to understand that although the parent-child hierarchy is defined in the Lists, 

1)  the data for the parent (Product Family - Chocolate, Sours, Taffy, Fudge)  still have to be defined in the import file.  

2)  the mapping for the parent (Product Family) still have to be defined during import.


I would have thought that since the parent-child (Product Family and Product) hierarchy was already defined, then parent (Product Family - Chocolate, Sours, Taffy, Fudge)  would automatically be filled up but it does not seem to be so.


Is the above understanding correct?






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  • prabhu
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    Hi @Star,


    You are doing really well.


    1 thing you should change.

    in the Sys06 Product Details Module, you should write a formula for Code and Product Family as CODE(ITEM('P2 Products')) and PARENT(ITEM('P2 Products')) respectively.


    while setting the action you should do these





  • hello 

    can you elaborate on why you chose to map like this 

  • I agree with your answer. One question I have is:


    When using the formula mentioned, for Product Family, I am getting Chocolate and so on, but ideally I think we should get the code of this Chocolate. Is that correct understanding