How to have current month or current date when i open a module?


My current month in the setting is Dec19.


When I open one module it is showing Jan 20; another module is showing Mar 20. So what is the reason why modules are showing different months?


Similarly once I open any module if it is having a date as a dimension, can I able to see today's date automatically?

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  • @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati 


    Hi, I just did some tests in a model. These are the settings:


    Afterwards, I created some modules, published them on dashboards. Whenever I open module or dashboard, the time page selector shows on Dec 19. Can you share the screenshot with your time settings? Maybe your module as well? Are you not using any filters in your module?


    Regarding current date, at this moment there is no equivalent of NOW() function as in Excel. However, you can run daily import via Anaplan Connect. Check out this thread, you can find more information and script:


    Let me know if I can help! 


  • These are my Time settings 



    This is the screenshot when I open this module where day as a dimension


    This is the screenshot when I open the module with month as a dimension



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  • In the 2nd screenshot , month 'Mar 20' is coming due to setting for "Fiscal Year label is aligned with" is selected for 'end month of fiscal year' .
  • What does "Fiscal Year label is aligned with" mean?

    If i open any other modules it may sometimes open Feb 20 or Jan 20.

    I'm okay if it opens either Jan 20 or Mar 20 but i don't understand why Feb 20 opens?

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  • Misbah



    I don't have a theory which will prove that it should open on Current Period Only. It all depends on what selection are you saving your module 


     If you haven't then I would say select your current month in your month module (Let's say Jan)  and then save the module on that view. Close the module, change the current period on Time Settings and reopen the module you should be able to see the same selection that you just made in your month module page selector even after changing the current period.


    Also Day Selection doesn't auto sync with the month selection, its the other way around - meaning if you select 1st Feb in Day module that won't be synced to Month Module and your month module will keep showing Jan if that was the original selection. 


    Brings me to the point when we create the hierarchy and you select the parent node of that hierarchy on the dashboard your children gets populated based on the parent selection ( if your sync selection is on) but if you have to do it other way round you will have to reverse the hierarchy. Not sure if that can be done in Native Time of Anaplan 


    Hope that helps



  • Choosing "end the fiscal year " option, the system by default aligns the Fiscal Year Label with the calendar year in which the end date of the fiscal year.
    For the module showing '2 Feb 20' day ,can you check if it is the default view saved with?