Anaplan : Send Email with link directing to specific dashboard



I am currently using MAILTO function and would like to insert a link in the body of email the specific dashboard in Anaplan.


Please help.


Thanks in advance for any help.




  • Hi @tompatrick.ting 


    You can insert link directly in the body of the text but make sure it should start with https://www. I have attached below screenshot for reference






    Hope this helps!



  • @tompatrick.ting 


    No, you can't publish any link in MAILTO function that can take you directly to the specific dashboard in Anaplan. 

  • Hi @tompatrick.ting ,


    I do not see any option to send the URL to a specific dashboard. If it's always the same dashboard (depending on user's role maybe?) then I would send the e-mail with the request to log in to Anaplan and set this dashboard as Landing Dashboard. Meaning that when they open Anaplan they would see this dashboard immediately. However, if it's request to see different dashboard each time, that would not be that sustainable workaround.