Dashboard Page Selector

We have Year as a page selector on the DB created from a module (Time(Year) X Users) with blank boolean line item. But whenever we are opening the Dashboard for first time it always shows only 3 months of data. If we re-select the year from page selector, it starts showing 12 months.



Can someone please help what can be done to fix it?



  • Hi rajuvendra,

    Can you try removing synchronization for the time dimension (Edit dashboard, click on module and uncheck sync)

  • @rajuvendra01 


    Absolutely correct @anirudh. Uncheck your Time Synchronization on the module that you have published on the dashboard



    Uncheck this small fellow.


  • @Misbah @anirudh 

    If we remove Synchronization , it will show all the months across three year which we don't want. We want to filter the months based on Year selected on page.

    Here somehow when we open the dashboard it will only show 3 months for the selected year.

  • Ok can you try creating a Year filter for the month module. The filter should work off of a checkbox in a module with dimension of Year. So user will select a year and that applies a filter to the month module and will show only the months belonging to that year
    This should solve the issue
  • @anirudh 

    As mentioned in my initial note, Current Year filter is taken from module with Year as dimension. Somehow it is not working.




  • Yes, this module is exactly the way it should be set up.

    Have you also created another line item in your month module which refers this line item? The formula for this should be Year Module.Select[LOOKUP: Month.Year]. And then you should apply this line item as a filter
  • @anirudh 

    No, In my month module I am not using any line item from Year module. I am just using page selector from year module on the dashboard to do page filter using synchronize option on  month module.

    My assumption was Year Page selector should automatically filter from Month module due to sync on on Time.


    Do I need to give the formula mentioned by you in the Year Filter module?

  • Yes, can you apply this filter to the month module:

    Year Module.Select[LOOKUP: Month.Year] (Line item dimension should be Month)

    Let me know if it works

  • HI @rajuvendra01,

    Can you try this? Edit your dashboard and go to preview and in the page selector select 'FY20'. Then save the dashboard, so that whenever you open the db it will always open with FY20 (All the belonging months).

    I have tried it from my end, it's working as expected. Let me know if you have any concerns.


  • @kavinkumar 

    After saving the DB in Preview, if you refresh the browser page and open the DB agin, it goes back to showing 3 months only.

  • Check for the filters setting of the module with Lock Rp line item.

    So, if filters are enabled for months in module then the same will be displayed on Dashboard when opened.


    Check if it helps!!!

  • No, filters are enabled for more than one quarter but still it shows only 1 qtr unless I re-select year.
  • @anirudh 

    We have quite a few DB where Year is a page selector. If we apply the formula in month module then we have to apply it in each and every module if Year page selector needs to be used?


    My understanding is Year Page selector should automatically select to Month Module due to synchronization. Is it not correct?