What is this error? Error during uploading a file


Hi experts, 


I'm encountering an error while uplaoding a TSV file for import source data.

The error window says "invalid END header (Bad central directory offset )"

Could someone give solution to this?





  • Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue ,


    can you please share the file that you are trying to upload ? 




  • Misbah



    As long as you are loading flat files (.csv or.txt) you should be able to upload the file. Can you please share the extension of the file, is it .txt?

  • Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue 


    You will get this error "invalid END header (Bad central directory offset )" when your file got corrupted. try to unzip the file & check whether are you able to open the file or not?





  • You've uploaded your file archived inside a zip file? Anaplan cannot read the directory structure in that zip file. This could happen if the upload was incomplete (network problems?) and the browser didn't realize. How did you zip the TSV file?