Anaplan Academy: Micro-Lessons Now Available on Community

edited May 2023 in Blog

The Anaplan Academy team designed the updated platform training (Level 1-3 Model Building), understanding that learning is constantly happening—developing tools to enable you and your team. These micro-lessons—the short interactive eLearning modules—are now available on the Anaplan Community. The Anaplan Academy On-Demand page has over 150 lessons (average time 5 minutes) available when you need it. That's over 14 hours of searchable, on-demand training content for beginner to advanced model builders! Check out Anaplan Academy On-Demand on the Community. Use the search function or filter lessons by experience level or topic to find lessons when you need it. Share the micro-lessons with other model builders who need help or to improve your models with Anaplan best practices. 

Are you curious about what new micro-lessons you'll find? Here are just a few examples of what's available now: 

  • Stuck on an import? Check out this lesson on import errors. This lesson provides best practices for avoiding errors when importing data into a model. It also provides examples of common import errors and how Model Builders can solve the errors.  
  • Aren't sure if you should use a numbered list? Check out this lesson on numbered lists. This lesson shares the characteristics of a numbered list and provides guidance on when to use a numbered list rather than a standard list in a model.  
  • About to start working with model security? Send your team here to learn more about roles and selective access. This lesson reviews how roles and selective access are used for model security.

Micro lessons are available now! Explore these new learning opportunities, and let us know what you think in the comments below.