Big News! Anaplan Micro-lessons are available.


Big news Anaplanners!

The Anaplan Academy has just published all their best practice micro-lessons from the level 1 to level 3 certifications.

For me personally, the DISCO micro-lesson is one of the best.

Congratulations @L.A.Foster and @ChrisMullen





  • Misbah

    These lessons were much needed.


    For me Anapedia needs complete overhauling on how the examples have been given and explained. Great great work to bring out somthing like this.

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date @JaredDolich!!!!


    I love the idea of micro lessons as the L1-3 trainings can be a lot to tackle in a single setting.  Consumable knowledge chucks for your Anaplanner on the go.  🙂