Create non-numbered composite hierarchy with List Import where parents and children have same names


Hi Anaplanners,


I am struggling with creating a non-numbered list composite hierarchy through List Import. As described in the attached file, a list I am trying to create include a child whose parent has the same name. I could create such a list manually but it failed when I try to create this list via List import from the source module in the file. It is clear that such a list can be created if the list is a numbered one, but I would like to know if there is any solution for non-numbered lists.

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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @gregtan 


    Simple import will not work here for non number list it will always throw an error because already parent with same same exist. so you have to do some trick to achieve the result for Non Number list.


    Assuming you already have product list.

    1. Create a system module where you need one extra line for Fake sub product name, here I have added " - " , you can add whatever you want.




    2.  Here you need two actions

    1) First Action to create a Fake Sub Product, make sure sub product code should be mapped.

    Sub Product List before import.


    Sub Product List after import, here you can see items added but with hyphen but have code.


    Import Mapping to create fake sub product.



    2). Second action to update the sub product list items, You should update the sub product name based on code.


    Finally you have updated the list and you can get the same parent-child name in the non number list.




    Hope this helps




  • Thanks, Akhtar


    What you have proposed could totally work !!!

    Thanks, again for you help