Picklists and Selective Access: Using a List Formatted Line Item




Are there limitations when applying selective access to a picklist with "double" selective access enabled per the link below? 



In List: Employees I added a Property named "Filter User Access" to filter access to list items in order to create a picklist specific to each user. 


Then created a line item in a module dimensioned by the Employees list. 

However, it seems the selective access was not recognized as users can see all employee names in the picklist. 


Best Answer

  • michael.chefer

    I actually found a fix to the issue I raised. 


    When you Format a line item as a list, you need to check the box for "Selective Access." If the box is unchecked Anaplan ignores any selective access selections in the list Grid View or Users. 


  • The link you are showing just explains how to apply selective access to a list, not a specific double selective access technique.

    The pick list reduction only works with selective access or dependent drop down, it cannot be dependent on another list, including the user list.

    The only way you can have a custom list for each user is standard selective access.