Level 1 Model Building

I completed the last two steps but the first two I just can't seem to get right.



  • @krw6 

    Check your REV02 module and see how you spelled the Volume line item.

    The error you're getting is saying that it can't find the "Volumes" line item. You may have spelled it differently.

  • Hi @krw6 


    I think you use wrong line item from module REV02, you need check again your line item name

    not just copy formula from activity




  •  Hi @krw6 ,


    It looks like Line item error because the line item you are using differ from that line item which is in REV02. Please check on it.





  • Hi @krw6,


    Error is in your line item name.

    Double click your current line item or the line item which you are trying to write the formula and select the appropriate line item from REV02 Volume Inputs Module.


    In this approach you won't be writing, instead Anaplan will help you in fetching the name.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu