Level 3 : Sprint 1 - TAR01 Detailed Sales Target (Names of Line Items)




I have some doubts regarding the names of line items used in this module. Why this is important is because one can always judge from the name of the line item as to what should be calculated in the particular line item.


Can I attach a screenshot of provided names and suggested names so as to get a better understanding of whether or not my intuition is correct?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks and Regards

Aakash Sach


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  • anikdas
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    Hi Aakash,


    As far as I can remember, the structure of TAR01 module is already set up in the model. When I completed the model build, the line item names seemed adequate to me to explain the purpose. However, having said that, the idea of L3 is to invoke the thought processes like you are having. If you feel that changing the names of the line items will help you convey the meaning and purpose of the line items, please do so. Just keep in mind that within the construct of the certification exam, changing some of the names/ structures might cause confusion. L3 is a little bit more open in terms of creating the structures, modules.

    My suggestion would be that change the names if you really feel the need to (may be not post the changes here)