Information flow between Docusign to Anaplan



I see that within the Docusign integration that information can flow from Anaplan to Docusign but is there a way to send entered information (inputs) back to Anaplan as well?


Information such as Name, email, and signature status is capturable but I am unsure about other numerical data that is input.


Help will be appreciated!


  • Misbah



    TBH, don't have hands on experience working with Anaplan - Docusign Integration but there is enough material on the Anapedia which can help you on this.


    Personally I don't think you can send any data back to Anaplan from Docusign but let's just get it confirmed. Tagging one of my favorite from Anaplan @rob_marshall can you please help this gentleman @hamzamahmood1993 


    Also, I think there is an email ID which handle specific queries on Anaplan Integration


  • I think there is, but I don't remember very well. At least we get back the status: signed or not signed.


    You can easily test it for yourself, create a docusign free account and you can set it up. Under an hour you can have it.

  • @Misbah 


    I wish I knew more about the DocuSign integration, but sadly I do not.



  • Hey Nathan, 

    Yes, there is definitely fundamental data such as ACTION and SIGN DATE that gets sent back to Anaplan but its very basic. It would be awesome to see if more data could be returned back. This would help assist in first point-of-entry of data into Anaplan which can be further used in business logic.



  • Thanks Misbah, i will be sure to contact data integration. There were alot of limitations that I discovered wrt the project. The integration lacks the flexibility that I hoped for though.

    Appreciate your two cents on the issue!

  • Nivetha

    Hi  hamzamahmood1993,


    It is true that Information can flow from Anaplan to Docusign, but the vice-versa is also possible. Kindly refer to the following steps:

    Configure DocuSign:

    • Create a Docusign Template.
    • Configure Recipients.
    • Add DocuSign Tags.

    Refer to the following link for detailed explanation:


    Docusign supported Datatype:

    The DocuSign integration supports all Anaplan data types with the exception of the List data type. Ensure that the List formatted Line Items are not present in the Anaplan view used for the DocuSign integration.


  • Hi,

    Yes, Anaplan and DocuSign have a 2-way platform interaction. However, DocuSign sends back tracking related information to Anaplan via the Anaplan-DocuSign connector which includes fields like -  Envelope Name (created in your DocuSign connector), Sent Date, Action (Action such as 'Sign', 'View' expected from recipient), Action Completed Date, Envelope Status (NEW, IN-PROGRESS, COMPLETED, DECLINED), Sent Document pdf (contains a URL to open the pdf copy of the signed document)   

  • Dass5