Level 1 Model Building


I'm not quite sure how to get rid of the column heading that aren't necessary.



  • Hi @krw6 


    I didn't get your question why you want to get rid of column header, it seems your mapping which you have shared in screenshot looks correct. You are at right track as of now. Just you have to think about the Time mapping. 





  • prabhu

    Hi @krw6,


    Currently what you are doing is correct.

    Your mapping is also correct.


    Point 1: if you want to hide unnecessary columns, -> "Yes you can".

                 Right click on any line item or column or Row and use Show or Hide or Select Levels to Show or Select Items to Show features.


    But what i mentioned in Point 1, is not required, Just letting you know that this is possible.


    Thing you can concentrate now, how to map Time.



  • Hi @krw6,


    my tips would be:

    - check the format of time periods in the source (201901)

    - explore tab with "Time" to see how you should map your column headers with time periods to time periods in Anaplan


    that should solve your problem! 🙂