Level 1 Model Building


I'm currently taking the certification exam, and am wondering what to do when utterly stuck. I'm not looking for the correct answer just some assistance. My current question is how to to create a formula to pull data from another module. I've tried many different formulas including [LOOKUP:] but nothing seems to work.



  • @krw6 

    Try giving this website a try.

    They specifically address Anaplan academy questions.




  • prabhu

    Hi @krw6,


    Anaplan is easy to learn.

    First, love your work and Don't Get Frustrated.


    Case 1:

    Source Module (List A as Dimension) and Target Module (List A as Dimension) ---> Direct Relation.

    In This case, Direct reference is enough.


    Case 2:

    Source Module (List A, List B) and Target Module (List A) ---> Partial Relation

    In this case, You can directly refer to a Source Module, but Think What you want from List B -> now you have to use either Sum, Lookup, Select and etc to select a particular List item from List B.


    Case 3:

    Source Module (List A) and Target Module (List B) ---> No Relation

    In This Case, you have to create another Line item or look for another Module to make some relation between Source and Target.


    Create a new Line item in the Target Module of List A format, now relation is established via Line item in Target Module.


    First, establish a relation and Write Formula.


    Study the link suggested by @JaredDolich 




    Sorna Raja Prabhu