Data Import

Hey I am having trouble with level 1 importing employee data in syso8 it says the following:

Import into SYS08 Employee Details module failed: The column headers in the file you are attempting to import do not match the import definition.
1 Line Item identifier(s) ("Active?") were not mapped and ignored

Code111 FailedDepartment111 FailedCountry111 FailedLeave Date14 FailedCurrent Salary111 FailedCommission %111 Failed

Can anyone help?


  • Hi @KMc,


    Can your share the mapping screenshot to check this.


    Mostly your Employee mapping is incorrect, make sure you mapped employee code to #E2 Employee.

    We should not map Name to Number list, the number list can be identified/mapped through code only, so we need to map code with the list.

    Pls check your mapping.

    ~Vignesh  M

  • @KMc 


    Looks like your import mapping is wrong. Can you please show the mapping



  • Hey thanks for the help here is the picture2020-03-26.png

  • Hi @KMc,


    The start date is something that will not change over time. For example, Employee Salary and Sales change/differ overtime but the start date of an employee won't.


    The system Emp module should contain only the #E2 Employee dimension, no Time dimension. So remove time from the dimension and add Start date as a line item and map it.


    ~Vignesh M

  • Hey, I did what you recommended but I am still accounting the same problem.  I think it might have to do with the active section.  Please let me know what I should do.

  • Hi,

    Make sure you removed time dimension from all the line items of SYS EMP module and try the import.


    If you removed time dimension, then you should see only 2 mapping in the import.

    1. #E2 Employees

    2. LINE ITEM


    If you are still facing the issue, post the screenshot of the mapping, module blueprint view.


    ~Vignesh M

  • @KMc 


    Can you go to Size list and see if the list is updated. It looks like that it is not updated. Once you update the Size list with its list items then rerun the action again.


    Hope that helps


  • I am having the same issue. Please help me with it. 

  • @Shivani  try mapping code i.e. Column 2 instead of Fixed Item in #E2 employees.  



  • got it. thank you