Import between alternate hierarchies



I have the below hierarchies as follows


Product Hierarchy:

P1 Product



Country Hierarchy: 

R1 Region

R2 Country


Alternate SKU Hierarchy:

R1 Region

R2 Country



Both R3 SKU and P2 SKU are numbered lists.


I have the below modules:

Module 1 with dimensionality  R3 SKU,Scenario and Time and a line item 'test'

Module 2 with dimensionality P2 SKU,L2 Country,Scenario and Time and a line item 'test'


Is it possible to set up an import from Module 1 to Module 2 to import the values for test.




  • Hi @BahalR,


    Yes it is Possible.


    Point 1: Make sure that, the code for P2 SKU and R3 SKU are same.


    Point 2: L2 Country is a addon Dimension in Module 2. You can either select Fixed item or Ask each Time import is run -> based on your requirements.

















    Hope it Helps,


  • the code for P2 SKU and R3 SKU are different. Is it still possible to set up an import?

  • Hi @BahalR,

                     The Best part of Code is - even if the List item name is different but code are same, then mapping happens automatically in Anaplan.

                     Code Represent a single unique entity, But this entity can be called by different names -> here in your case P2 and R3 SKU.


                     If the code is not same, Mapping won't happen and you have to do manual work (Doing Manual Work is not the best approach).


    You can read this article



  • @BahalR 


    Code has to be there in numbered list items. It gets really difficult to play with numbered list if you don't have a unique code. Please revisit the article shared earlier by @prabhu