Data Import


Hey when importing data for SYS08 employ i2020-03-28.png2020-03-28 (1).pngnfo I am unsure as to by employees are being linked to departments any help?


  • prabhu

    Hi @KMc ,


    Try this way, Mark Column 2 Code for Employees and check.




    Step 2: Then import, Mark Column 2: Code for #E2 Employees 





    Now it should work, if you are still facing same issue try to clear your cache & cookies then try to upload again or try at some different browser




  • Hi @KMc,


    You need to correct 2 things here,


    #1. Populate the #E2 Employees list with the right data, it looks like you loaded department list in the employee's list,

    #2. Incorrect key mapping, #E2 Employees list is a numbered list, so you need to map code with the list not the Employee name.



    ~Vignesh M