Data Hub Download for Level 2 Model Building Sprint 1

Hi Anaplan Gurus,


I working on Level 2 Model building Sprint 1 training. There is process step where Solution Architect asks for downloading Data Hub Model in your anaplan workspace. There is link provided in the activity to download the data hub for sprint 1. 

On clicking the link, System lands me on the Anaplan Frontdoor landing page of my workspace, but does not download any Data Hub for Sprint 1. I have tried this step many times but each time there is no Data Hub downloaded.


Need your expert guidance on if I am missing any critical step here.





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  • prabhu
    Answer ✓

    @ravish106 - Try Using Different Browser.


    if you still face the same issue in different browser,

    First -> then inform to your Tenant administrator.

    Second -> write your issue to Anaplan support team ([email protected]).




    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Hi @ravish106,


    Wait for 5 mins and refresh the browser and search "Level 2 Data Hub".




    Finally you will see like this.






    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • Thanks Soma, for quick reponse,


    I have clicked this link many times and waited for 10-15 mins as well; but it doesn't give me App as shown by you my workspace.


    Not sure if there is a technical issue I am encountering during downloading... 




  • Thanks Soma