I've just got the Level 2 Model Builder Certification. I would like to ask 2 questions.


First, I would like to publicly show my certification on Linkedin. For this I would need a hyperlink that would point to my certification for any person that clicks on the link in my profile.


Is this possible with Anaplan and if yes, is it possible to get this link ?


I've attached how it works with my alteryx certification, in order to show what I mean and how I would like to show my certification.


My second question is to know how to get the "certified model builder". I have passed the level 2 and now I see "Anaplan way". Where can I find this last step to do ?


Best regards,


Luca Filippi



  • Misbah



    1. I don't think there is any such link to it. Let's see what others have to say.

    2. If you have completed Level 1 & Level 2, you will have to attend "The Anaplan Way" Classroom training. Get in touch with Anaplan Business Partner, he might be able to help you. Note: It's a paid service.




  • prabhu

    Hi @LucaFilippi,


    Answer for your Question 1:  There is a section to get your certificate. go back to learning portal to get.




    Answer for Question 2:  Refer @Misbah Comments.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu 

  • Misbah



    I don't think that can give him the hyperlink. He can go and download the certificate though but certainly not the link

  • prabhu
    Yes, I misunderstood. I Thought he is asking for Link.
  • @Misbah @prabhu 




    Thanks for your answers.


    For 1., I originally did the procedure suggested by Sorna Raja Prabhu. I have my certificate but I understand from the answers that, unfortunately, there is no public link that I can show on my Linkedin profile. Issue solved then.


    For 2., how do I get in touch with Anaplan Business Partners ?


    Best regards,



  • prabhu

    @LucaFilippi - A Person who Leads Anaplan in your company is your Anaplan Business Partner.


    You have to inform this certificate issue with him.


    Anaplan Business Partner is responsible to arrange "Anaplan Way".

  • @LucaFilippi
    Here is a link to the current schedule for in person classes (regionally based). As Misbah noted there is a fee associates with attending so you will want to ensure you have proper approval internally before moving forward.

    If you are needing to have a course scheduled specifically for your company, then your Anaplan Customer Success Business Partner (this is an Anaplan employee assigned to your customer account) should be able to help facilitate this. Reach out to the Executive Sponsor for Anaplan at your company to get the name of your CS Partner. Below is a link to explain what a business partner is and what they do.
  • I am wondering is there a certification (letters behind the name) for linked in for the certification