Referencing the Last Month of the Model Time Period For Comparison


In my model, I have the Current Fiscal Year set as "FY20:  1 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2020." As we move into future years this will be updated. I need to write a formula that pulls the last date of the current fiscal year; for this year it would be 12/31/2020 and when we update the Current Fiscal Year in 2021 it will be 12/31/2021. The goal is to compare the last date (12/31/2020) or last period (Dec 20) to a line item value in a different module that does not have a time dimension.


I have a system time module set up (pictures attached) wherein I should be able to identify the last period, in this case, Dec 20. I do this by comparing the period month number to 12; if it equals 12 I know it is the last month in the year and the last period. Is there a better way to do this without hardcoding 12?


Once I have identified the last period in the system time module, I need to be able to compare/use this value to values in other modules that do not have a time dimension. How can I do that?


I can provide more details if necessary. Thank you in advance for any help provided.





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    Hi @RobinSilk ,


    If you want to bring the last month of the current year in a non-time dimensional module, try this.

    You can use this Last month line item for the comparison.



    ~Vignesh M