New UX: Filters in Saved View getting overridden by selection made in Context Selector


Observed an interesting anomaly in the New UX.

I have a Time Range for 4 years which I've used as a dimension in Module M. I have displayed this Time Range as a Page Selector and applied a filter to show only 1 year and saved this in a Saved View SV.

Now, when I publish this SV in Classic UX, no matter what year is selected on the published list of Time Range, SV only shows the filtered 1 year.

However, when I publish the same SV to the New UX page, the filter in SV is disregarded. Essentially, when I select any year in the Context Selector, the published SV also changes as per the selected year. However, the filters works fine when the Time Dimension is published in Rows or Columns.

In summary:

Classic UX: Filters take precedence over sync with any dimension

New UX: Filters are overridden when page level sync is enabled


Anybody else faced a similar issue? Appreciate any workaround suggestions?

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  • sprender
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    @prakashnishtala in the New UX filters are not carried through from page selectors on saved module views. This is because page level context selectors could be shared across multiple Cards so which filter would take precedent. We are currently working on the ability to filter context selectors directly on a page in the New UX. The target for this update is this week. Once released this should allow you to apply the filter to your context selector on the page.


  • Hi @prakashnishtala ,


    I don't think it can be done in any way in the NEW UX at the moment if you want it to be placed as a page selector. I was trying to do the same but was unsuccessfull. The only way to avoid this problem is to place the time dimension on rows or columns as you mentioned. In your case, since you only need to have one year visible anyway, I think you can do that without any problem. OR if you need more than one, you can create 4 different views in that manner.
  • Thanks @DmitryP 


    Unfortunately, I can't publish these years in Columns. I know, this is going to work very for this use-case where I am filtering for 1 year, but to make it future-proof where the module needs to be dimensioned for 4 years or more, it will be a rework.


    Agree, it's a bug in New UX and all the workarounds are going to be manually intensive. 


    I am taking the below approach to solve this, which involves no structural change in the model and just 1 touchpoint per page.


    I am hiding the non-relevant years from the Context Selector at the top of the page.

  • @sprender Will this also apply to cards in the Additional Insights? I am having a similar issue where the filter in the saved view is overridden on the card in the Additional Insights. The context selectors of Additional Insights cards do not have the filter capability yet. 

  • Yes we want to add the filter capability to card level context selectors as well but this is a bit further out. We don't have an exact timeframe at this point in time. You can add it as an item in the ideas exchange so we can gauge demand.

  • Hi @sprender,

    Is there an update on when the filter capability will be available at card level context selectors, especially in the Additional Insights? Thanks!