What is a Source Module?


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Please tell me, when do we need to build a Source Module?

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  • filip.sypniewski



    Ah sorry, you meant Source Models on the panel, now I understand. You will find there different Models from which you imported data into your model. Indeed, Data Hub model is good example. You will often find your Data Hub model on the list. It will appear once you make a connection e.g. import your hierarchies or data from Data Hub. 


    Please try to make an import and you will see! 


    Does it solve your question? Please let me know 🙂

  • Deepti5
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    For example,


    There is model A having module1 (time, version and line item 'A1') and model B having module2 (time version, line item 'B1').

    Task: to bring data from module 2 to module 1.


    step 1. open module 2 in model B.

    step 2. click Edit ,select import option.

    Step 3. select Connect to Anaplan model ,select Module and search for model A, click Select .

    Step 4 . check for mapping for each dimension and line item. Run import.


    Now,in model B under Source Model section , you will see model A in the list where you can edit mapping by reselecting model A or any other model.


  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    what exactly do you mean?


    You source module can be for example module in which you store loaded Data, it will be your source for your Calculations, Output... You build modules based on your needs.


    Check out this great article about module desgin: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Best-Practices/Best-Practices-for-Module-Design/ta-p/35993

  • Thank You.

    That means it is Data Hub.

    Please tell me, is it automatically created when we create Action. Or how do we create it?

    As I am finding the option Edit Mapping.



  • Hi,


    We need the source model to import structural data into another model or push/export data from one module of source model to another module of target model.

    Mapping plays important role to keep the modules in sync as source model and target model should match in structural way.



  • Hi @Deepti5 


    Thanks for explaining.

    Please help me understand, how do we create a Source Module Mapping? Because I am finding the option of Edit only.

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation.

    I got my doubts cleared.