Level 2 Model Building Size?

Hi folks,


Can anyone confirm LM2 model building all activities completed till the end model size? I am starting lm2, have limited workspace access, was wondering if anyone can let know before I begin.

Thank you so much! 


This community is awesome and you guys are super helpful! Grateful.



  • Hi @SatyamArora 


    As I remember, Model size should be around 500-600 MB after completing all the build.

    already you have workspace admin access, you can archive few model which are not in use which will free some space for ex: your L1 model.





  • Hi @SatyamArora,


    I just checked the model I built last year. It has 515 MB.


    Good luck with your level 2! 

  • Does it have to built in continuation of LM1 or is the build for LM2 from scratch. 

  • It is new Supply Chain model, however you will also need to make a connection between two models.

  • Hi @filip.sypniewski,


    Hope doing well.

    I have reached final section in LM2 where I would need to make a connection between the two (LM1 & LM2). I dont have access to my LM1 model now. Will it have to be recreated in its entirety or can use the sample LM1 (raw built) model as well?


  • Hi @SatyamArora ,


    Total size of the L2 Supply chain model is 515 MB. And Data hub is ~25 MB.

    You need to build data hub, supply chain models and connect these two.


    You don't have to make connection between L1 and L2 models since the required the data are provided in the L2 model build course. 


    Eg: Supply chain model requires history volumes data. For this source file is provided in the L2 build course which you need to upload into Data Hub model and import into Supply chain model.