Worksheet actions imports: cannot remove old import


Hi Anaplan community,


I am struggling to remove an old import action from my dashboard in the new UX.

I only want to keep the upport import action (8). I already removed the other import action (7) in the action list from the model and refreshed the dashboard. However the action stays. When I click on it, it immediately returns 'import failed' which is logical since the action does not longer exist in the model. 

Also in the configure worksheet actions, imports, the toggle is only acitvated for the action 8. I don't find the action 7 in there.


Can anyone tell me how I can remove the action 7? I don't want the end users to be able to select that one.

See printscreens attached.






  • Hi,


    I think this is a bug. When you do not deactivate the action prior deleting it in the model, it stays displayed but unavailable.

    Two things you can try :

    1. Copy the worksheet, the actions could be correctly refreshed
    2. Recreate the action with the same name in the model it should be "removable" in the worksheet


    If this does not work : I've had similar issues that needed the worksheet to be recreated from scratch ...


    Hope it helps.

  • Misbah



    It is a bug. I faced similar issues but on different lines.