Bug in NUX

Testing NUX and trying to break it from all angles. I think I got one on Worksheet Page


I have a worksheet page and few imports published on this page. I changed the source model of the page which is structurally different than the old model


Expectations - was that it show nothing on the Primary Grid and Greyed out or No Import buttons on Additional Insights section


Reality - Primary Grid was removed and some random module from New Model was published and Old Import actions from previous model were still not Greyed out in Additional Insights Section. Not only was the module randomly published it had all the import actions from the old model still intact on the new grid.


Is it a bug? Has anybody experienced this behavior? 




  • Hi @Misbah ,


    looks like this is bug.

    I recreated scenario which you have mentioned. And I see that process name still shows and some other grid is published even though I have not selected it.