rename the filename of a file before export


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I have a module in which I created 2 saved views in order to have 2 different export actions (1 for region A and 1 for region B).

I saved the export definition and used Export name: forecast_A for the first export and forecast_B for the second export.

In the actions overview, I see those 2 different export actions: forecast_A and forecast_B, however when I do the export the file name for both exports is taking over the name of the module instead of the name of the export!

I really need a different filename for both exports in order for my interface to work correctly and to know which file to take!


Does anyone know how I can rename the file? 

Or do I really need to setup a duplicate module with another name to solve this? Which is taking up model space!


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  • Hi @LouiseBourgonjon 


    You have already created the Export Action with different name. Just create one process and put both actions under the process then you will get different file name once it exported.




    After exported



    Hope this helps!




  • thanks, works fine. Great!