Anaplan connector 1.4.3 not giving output


Hi Guys,

We are upgrading the anaplan connector to v1.4.3. We are using a .net application to consume the connector and import data. We are having 80+ lists to be imported everyday and the .net program used to pick one by one and import the data to anaplan. Based on the output, we are considering the data is load successfully or not. We are facing a strange issue with a list. There are around 400K records to be imported and if we do directly without using the .net application, we are getting the output and it is taking around two minutes to import. But there is no output / error message for the particular list & the control itself is not coming back when we use the .net application. There is no issue with the .net code as its working fine with less number of records (say 50k) for the same list. Please advise.


.\AnaplanClient.bat -via XXX -service XXX -user "XXXXXXXXXXXX" -workspace "XXXXXXX" -model "XXXXX" -file "XXXX" -jdbcproperties "XXXXX" -import "XXXX" -httptimeout "60" -retrytimeout "15" -maxretrycount "3" -execute -output "XXXX"


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    Hey @ben_speight  can you help @cgkumar 

  • I'd suggest trying 1.4.4 in the first instance - there are some bug fixes which may be applicable.

    I'm not sure which version you're upgrading from, if it all worked correctly with an older version? Note that the output from 1.4 can be a bit different from 1.3.

    I wouldn't expect different behaviour from runing Anaplan Connect in a subprocess of a .net application vs directly from a command line, unless the environment is different. Does it stall, or fail with an exit status? Does it complete the upload, or fail before starting the import?

  • Thank you Ben for your advise to use 1.4.4. Let me try that and seek your assistance if required.


    I just increased the fetch size on the JDBC properties and the import started working now.