Level 2 sprint 3 INV01 module list items


how do I use conditional formatting to display List item 'Beginning inventory' red when it's value is below List Item 'Stock Safety Target' value


  • prabhu

    Hi @Donna Marie,


    Step 1: Create a line item "check beginning inventory" and write formula as "IF Beginning Inventory < Safety Stock Target THEN 1 ELSE 0"


    Step 2: Click Conditional formatting button and click new rule and



    Hope it helps

  • Shouldn't the color coding be swapped to show red when it falls below safety stock target?


    "Add conditional formatting to display Beginning Inventory as red when the value is less than the Safety Stock Target value"

  • Thanks @Donna Marie and @prabhu for this thread & discussion!  ( @SatyamArora , I agree with your suggested improvement).   When I did this course I was under the impression that the 'Solution Architect' intended us to leverage the line item "Safety Stock Exception Count" (line item created previously in the section "INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details").  But another trainee, @HansNorman , pointed out to me the discrepancy -- the course tells us to set the Safety Stock Exception Count based on the Ending Inventory being < the Safety Stock Target, whereas the objective of this conditional formatting is that we highlight the Beginning Inventory red if it is less than the target inventory.  Usually the Solution Architect is good at telling us what line items are needed, even if we need to figure out the formulas, so I would think the intent is to leverage what we have.  But Sorna, maybe you're right - this time we should create an additional line item to avoid this discrepancy.     

  • Hey All,


    This was a type-o, it should have been Ending Inventory not Beginning Inventory.  We have fixed it.  Thank you for bring this to our attention.



  • Thanks @ChrisMullen for the confirmation.