L2 Sprint 3 INV01 module - Product Replenishment chart




I am unable to publish it to the dashboard

Have done the necessary selections





  • prabhu

    Hi @Donna Marie,


    Once you have generated the chart, you can see chart options in your left panel.

    To the bottom on left panel you can see the option "Publish to dashboard".


    Select the dashboard which you want to publish.


    if you couldn't able to see those option, try refreshing the browser else try in different browser.





    i hope it helps.



  • I can view the publish button but it doesn't publish when I select the dashboard name that was already created

    I tried to publish as New Dashboard, it does not prompt me for the name of the new dashboard


    the publish button just wouldn't work

  • prabhu

    @Donna Marie - Clear all cookies and try using different browser.


    if still you are facing the same issue, then it is a technical problem.

    so drop a mail to Anaplan support team(support@anaplan.com) stating your issue.