Level 2 Sprint 3

for Inv03 distribution center summary, line item 'stock exceptions' to show total number by Distribution center


I use this formula:

Inv01 inventory ordering.safety stock exceptions count[Sum: 'sys08 Sku details'.'Distribution center]


is this correct?




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  • prabhu
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    Hi @Donna Marie,


    I won't this is right or wrong,

    but i can explain you what is the purpose of this line item.


    The purpose of this line item is to

                          Calculate number of safety stock exception count by Distribution Center and "Product"




    Now carefully check your formula.

  • prabhu
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    @Donna Marie - All The Best, You are in Right Track  🙂




  • inv01 inventory ordering'.'safety stock exceptions count'[sum: 'sys08 sku details'.'distribution center', sum: sys08 sku details.'product']


    is this correct  now

  • I think your formula is correct. The system does the agregation to sum the stock exception count on SKU and get them on product because of the hierarchy. I think your first formula is correct.