Series of Action (Process)

Hi Friends,

I want to know, I have 6 Modules.

Mod1 data flows to Mod2----> Finally Mod6.

Now can I create any Action to automate the full process?

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    You mean the data flow from Mod 1 to Mod2, then Mod 2 to Mod 3.. So on...

    Are you importing the data from Mod 1-2, 2-3,.. 5-6?. If yes then Create a Process to achieve the sequential run, in that process include all the 5 actions sequentially.

    Anapedia Process link, check this 


    Vignesh M 

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    Am not sure about the ask here, let me say what I understood,

    1. Create a saved view and apply the filter.

    2. Keep your filter line items in SYS module and write the logic in the way you want.

    Every new data will get appended? - Yes, List items added in the future will be appended automatically in the saved view.    


    ~Vignesh M