Level 1 Model Building Certification Exam : Unable to format Roles as List in SYS08


I am having an issue with the Role list. When I try to format the Role line item in SYS08 it gives me this error: Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source. I've attached a screenshot of the blueprint. 


I've had no luck fixing this issue and I'm going on hour 4 of trying to finish this exam. Hoping someone can help me out of this rabbit hole!


Thank you!


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  • bambrose
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     Also, I understand what the formulas need to be in EMP02, but I think this format issue in SYS08 is causing the error when I try to update the formulas in EMP02:  Data type mismatch: format other than LIST or DATE being referenced as a relation.


    Attachment of screenshots of EMP02 and EMP03 included for reference.


  • prabhu

    Hi @bambrose,


    I am not sure, whether have you got the solution for your question.


    But what are all the steps that you have to follow to overcome this problem are listed below.


    Step 1: Copy your formula from Bonus line item in EMP02 Empoyee Expenses module.

    Step2: Delete the formula from Bonus line item in EMP02 Empoyee Expenses module.

    Step3: Change the format of Role Line item from Sys08 Employee Details Modules from TEXT to LIST FORMAT (ROLE)

    Step4: Paste the formula in Bonus line item in EMP02 Empoyee Expenses module.


    Line item Format within Lookup(For Mapping) should be only List or Time Period not Text


    Number or Boolean or date or time period or list or text [Lookup: List or time period]


    Read this : https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Calculation_Functions/All/LOOKUP.html



    Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Thank you so much just adding if you have pasted the same formula to other line items like a phone bill, Medical cost please remove them as well this will not allow making changes from number to list.