Level 2 sprint 3 - INV01 inventory ordering Grid

there is an error detected in the highlighted cell

please advice how to get this corrected



  • Hi @Donna Marie,


    You just need to get data from DEM03 Demand Forecast and line item Final Forecast








  • I am already using this formula 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast


    the data seems fine for the entire row except for the cell highlighted

  • Hi,


    I think you should check formula in 'DEM03 Demand Forecast' maybe you miss something in a some line item, or can you give a screenshoot modul DEM03 with formula so i can identify to corrected









  • please find attached screen shot of the formulas used in DEM03 Demand Forecast module

  • HI,

    Thankyou for file attached, i think you need check data in week 1 - week 4 have same amount like this



    note: in week 2 candyate im overide to  62


    if not the same you can check in DAT03 Historical, if not same too maybe you need re-upload file volumes to DAT03 Historical






  • yeah that cell is not showing the same number as the rest


    shall I reload data historic volumes. csv into Data hub DAT 03 Historical

  • the dat03 historical volumes are showing these for FY20

    please see attached


    should I reload the csv file into DAT03?

  • Hi,


    Yes you need to re-import Historic Volumes into Data hub DAT03 Historic Volume and after that you need check data has been the same with excel or not, if same you can import from datahub to Level 2 model.





  • No, because data historical only have FY19. you dont need import to FY20

  • my forecast numbers are not the same still for cell highlighted in week2

    please see attached screenshot

  • Hi @Donna Marie 


    In DEM03 Demand Forecast, make sure to check for all the Accounts and P3SKU dimensions, the Final Forecast line item is not overridden, by override? and Override Forecast line item in Week2 FY20.   




    Nivetha K