Using Mulesoft for integration

Hi all,


Question if anybody uses Mulesoft for integration with Anaplan.


Is it possible to trigger Mulesoft action, that basically starts import ore export in Anaplan with https:// link?


The reason is to have ability to start loading porcess directly from Anaplan dashboard


  • Hi,


    not sure if you can start a Mulesoft interface directly from Anaplan,

    what I did as workaround:

    1. Create a module in Anaplan only with a boolean and the export of this
    2. At the beginning of Mule API run the export and check if the boolean is TRUE, then add a CHOISE to start the real process or otherwise stop it
    3. Set up the CRON expression in Mule to runs every ~5 minutes 


  • Thanks, that could work for export, but seems too complicated if we need to run import action on demand.


    By the way, using link works perfectly with API connection to pull data from SQL quiery, just wanted to uderstand if it's possible with less coding utilizing ETL