Filtering a module to only show non-zero entries



I have a module where the rows are line items and the columns are list members. The view I am trying to create of this module is intended to be used so that we can easily identify any data that has been loaded to a combination of product, company, and GAAP/STAT incorrectly. I want to filter this view so that it will only show cells where the line item and list members are not zero. 


The line items form the income statement and the list is a Product-Code combination list. I am struggling to find a way to do this in a manner that is efficient and doesn't create lengthy formulas or take up a large amount of space. Any suggestions? 


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    It seems your module contains 1 list(Product code) and Line items, if yes pls try the below solutions.



    #1. Only all the line items are number format and the list has Top Level Item, then apply the filter based on the Top-level item to see only the non zero rows.


    After Filter


    #2. if you want to only show cells where the line item and list members are not zero, then we need to change the view as shown below and apply the non zero filter.




    Vignesh M


  • Hi Kelsey,
    If your line items are having only NUMBER Format, then you can achieve this scenario by using "Line Item Subsets". Kindly try and let me know if it works.

  • Perhaps you could share a bit more information:

    - Could you share a screenshot of your module view?

    - Could you confirm whether your list running along the columns has a top level parent?



  • Hi, have you looked at the timesum formula, ie. create a boolean line item where formula is timesum("value based line item")>0.  You can remove the time dimension for the line item as it's not applicable for this formula.     

  • Just a heads up... if both positive and negative amounts are entered you may get the sum 0 (zero) and the row will be filtered away. To solve that potential issue you can create a filter module with 2 line items, 1 collect() and the other boolean with summary Any, If collect<>0 then true.... use the boolean as filter in original module