Open Dashboard action using a List Item Flat List

I have a module that's bound to a hierarchical list.  Within that module, I have a list item that's bound to a flat list.  I want to create an "Open Dashboard" action that launches a new dashboard using the List Context of the Flat List that's tied to the List Item.  Currently the Action is configured below and I hit the error "Invalid Selection - please select single item from the 'FL Obligor' list".  Any thoughts would be appreciated.









  • Hi @wnm106 


    When you have created action to open the dashboard with List content then make sure you should select the item first (here in your case select any item from "FL Obligor" list and then click on " Financial summary" to the open dashboard 


    Here company is my flat list and I have selected company 1 and once I clicked on Test open dashboard , i will open the "Test" dashboard.


    After click open dashboard, it open the Test dashboard


    Your flat list can be at row ,column or even you keep as page selector as well.


    If I have not selected any item from my flat list company then same error I am also getting.



    Hope this helps!



  • Thanks Akhtar. That’s what I figured my options were. My challenge is the “company” dimension you have selected is actually bound to a different list, and I have a line item on the other dimension that points to my flat list. Sounds like you need your flat list value to be a dimension in the module in order to launch the linked dashboard, which unfortunately my module does not.
  • Hi @wnm106 


    So the alternative is to publish a module (with the driver list), with no line items and use this as a selector module. 


    You can't open dashboard without select the item from list which you have mentioned under list content.


    Hope this helps!