User should not be able to enter data against leaf members


Hi Team,

There is a hierarchy D1, D2, ......D7. List D7 is applied on a input module as a row where user is giving the input.

Since D7 is composite list of 4 components and we are showing those 4 components in each rows and hiding the composite list member against which user can input data.


There is a requirement where user can only input the data on D7 level if user has selected any member from D6 only (from another module created for synchronization). If user is selecting any other member from above D6 ( from D5, D4, ....D1) either all rows in input module will not be visible or input in rows should be blocked.  


Please let me know if you need more information regarding the same. Thanks in advance.




  • HI @mhusain,

    In the dashboard, you could find an option to select the level of Synchronization. So with that said, you can choose D6 as the Sync level so that the D7 list members wouldn't be updated if any of the above levels is selected other than D6.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your reply @kavinkumar , but if D6 synchronization is on then also user will get option to input the rows under first member of D6 for input if he is selecting any member of upper lists D5,...D1. Hope you get the point, else let me know if any query further.

  • I think that is not possible! Maybe you can give the option only to select D6 items.

  • Hi,


    I think that might not be possible. But if you select levels in dashboard and select only D6, then only D7 members will be open for editing and D6 level cannot be edited.