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Apologies if this has been raised before. We are now taking a quick first look at the New UX.

I like the idea of thinking out of the box, where possible making the most of newer functionality, rather than simply replicating.

I guess a common scenario would be how to implement/present filters, particularly when there are so many filters that the could occupy the entire screen.

On several projects I worked on the best approach in classic dashboard was to place all the filters on a separate dashboard and filter the modules published on any other dashboards based on the selection/clicks the user would make on the filters (lists or, more often modules).

I guess in the New UX this could be done by using a similar approach and/or a card field ?  However, the card field would require an intermediate refresh step for the user, right ? I would rather avoid that, if possible.....On the other hand the number of filters are more than 4 and I'm wondering if this could be an issue/limitation.


I guess this is probably a common situation and it would be great if I could see some sample new UX screenshots, a simple sketch, ideas, hints&tips, etc in order to make sure all options could be evaluated upfront ?


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  • Misbah



    As you rightly pointed out that you can use Field Card but I don't think you need to refresh every time you make the selection. Only if your filters  are driven by Pick lists you need to refresh the page otherwise it will sync automatically the way it syncs on classic dashboard. Also you will have to keep your synchronization option On.


    I would be happy to assist (demonstrate) here if you can provide an example how your filters look like. 


  • @Misbah , 

    Thanks for the prompt reply. We basically have 5 hierarchy levels on Products and we would like to provide at least parity with currently functionality where users could easily search/select from one filter or combine them together.

    As they apply a selection on one, the others will sync accordingly and only provide the list of valid product combinations.

    In classic dashboard this is achieved by publishing the 5 modules dimensioned by the 5 lists on a users click on any one filter, others update accordingly as required (as such they can use any combination to filter data at whichever level they need).


    I'd like to understand what options could work well for this type of scenario.


  • Misbah

    oh I see. I thought you were referring to Boolean Filters . In that case I don't think Field card will fit into this situation. You can continue working the way it was being done in Classic i.e., publishing it thru Grid cards. This is how I think it will look like NUX.


    Keep the sync option ON on all three cards.

    Before I make Selection


    After I make the selection of Primary Brands->Cherry Beverage


    Here the cards do not adjust automatically once it syncs, instead it retains its original dimensions which was not the case in classic one. Probably the disadvantage


    Hope that helps



  • Misbah, 

    Thanks a lot ! Yes, it seems this is the nearest like for like between classic and new UX in this sort of situations. Thanks for taking the time to reply and to draft example mock up : I believe it's going to be very beneficial for the community.

    I would be very grateful to receive more feedback, suggestions and ideas on how fellow Anaplanners have re-designed their UX making the most out of newer functionalities.

    eg I have also saved these grids as cards meaning the key ones could be used in worksheets as selectors on the Additional Insights bar

    I will keep experimenting, but please keep good ideas on this area coming !   

  • Misbah

    Sure! Look forward to my article on NUX.


    In the meanwhile you can keep exploring NUX and you will see ease of doing things. For Example Save Card as a Template and use where ever you want  to use it.

  • Hi @Misbah , looking forward to read the article, much needed and welcome, I think!