How to enable a boolean formatted line item when two submit button is true


how to enable a boolean formatted line item when two other boolean formatted line are true. also how to to freeze the two boolean formatted line itme once the enabled boolean line item is true.



  • prabhu

    Hi @saurav4ss,


    You can achieve this using Dynamic Cell Access technique.




    Created a line item to check whether 2 booleans are true.

    Created another line item to set read and write access for 1st and 2nd boolean.







    Let me know if you didn't understand.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • HI @saurav4ss,

    This is something that you need to play with Dynamic Cell Access. I have created a few examples for you below.





    Expected Result:





    Let me know if you have any concerns. I hope this helps.Cheers!

  • Can u tell me what formula to write for ip3 so that its get enabled when ip 1 and ip2 are true
  • prabhu

    Hi @saurav4ss ,


    I haven't wrote a formula for IP3, instead i am using Dynamic Cell Access feature in Anaplan.


    IP1, IP2, IP3 are input line items.

    Then i have created DCA 3 to check IP1 and IP2 are True.

    DCA 3 (Formula) = IP1 and IP2

    I am setting DCA 3 as Write Access for IP3. (Which means i am enabling IP3 when IP1 and IP2 are TRUE)


    Please replicate the previous message.

    You will understand read and write access driver column.


    Thank you.

  • prabhu

    Hi @saurav4ss,


    To give a overview of Read and Write Access Column.


    Lets say IP3(Boolean Formatted Line item) set as TRUE

    Lets say IP4(Boolean Formatted Line item) set as FALSE

    and 2 Boolean formatted Line item (IP1, IP2).


                Read Access         Write Access             outcome?

    IP1           IP3                            IP3             You can See and edit(Read and Write Access Driver are True)

    IP2           IP3                            IP4             You can only see(Read Access is True) the cell, you cannot edit(Write Access is False).



    Read Dynamic Cell Access in Anapedia for detailed information

  • @prabhu 

    Got the clear understanding of dynamic cell access. Thanks alot

  • @kavinkumar 

    Thanks kavin.