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Hi - I have a hierarchy with two levels, say. Level 1(Parent) is Material Group and Level 2 is Material. In the material list, I have the code and the description(name). I need a dump from anaplan in excel or CSV in the format of "Material Code | Material Description(Name) | Material Group | <<Time Periods>> - each in a different column. But when I create a module with Material, I can't have the material group in a different column - it is showing up as levels. Also, how do I get the code and the description in a different column?

How can I create a module with this structure so I can download the same to CSV?

I basically need a way to let business input across time periods with three columns present like in a flat 2-dimensional table.


Regards - Guru


Best Answer

  • Hi @GuruAP 


    You can achieve the desire result by creating two properties in the material list.



    Now from the main module which is dimension by material only.Create one view & remove parent level from the view and save it.



    Create an export by selecting" Tabular Multiple column"  and make sure you should select the Labels 




    Now once you export in CSV then the beauty of this method is you don't have to mapped when you upload the same file it will automatically mapped.





    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @GuruAP,


    I usually follow this approach,


    Step 1: Create line item, here in your case, code, Description and Material Group and Time




    Step 2. You can Pivot the Module, and check whether it fits your scenario.





    Step 3: Click Data->Export and in your Labels column clear all the labels for your material list.


    and Click Save Export Definition as True while exporting







    Finally your csv looks in this way





    You can change your line item, and check which is needed and which is not needed.