Level 2 Sprint 3 Activity: Build Distribution Summary Dashboard


Here is a picture of the sketch of the Distribution Summary (aka 1. Distribution Center Review) dashboard:Distribution Summary Sketch.png


Note that it shows two module grids(SYS07 and SYS08) and a text box ('SKU Details") all simultaneously adjacent to the DAT01 grid's right edge.  I think this is a great layout aesthetically and I'd love to be able to build my dashboard in a manner entirely consistent with this sort of placement.


Because of the way Anaplan manages grid element sizes, however, I do not believe that Anaplan actually supports building this sort of relative placement.


Is anyone out there able to "trick" their dashboard builder interface into achieving the above relative placement?  I suspect that it may involve the placement of ancillary blank text boxes, but I also have a feeling that it might actually be impossible. I'd of course love to be proven wrong.


  • Well, it turns out that I'm incorrect.  I can actually achieve the necessary relative positioning, it's just a rather involved process involving putting the bottom left grid to the left of the rest and then moving up above it everything that needs to sit above it.


    It's a lovely, user-friendly, intuitive process.  Clearly I'm just thinking about things in a rare, edge-case kind of way that few if any others share.

  • Hello Chris, 


    How did you manage to get this viewin the end? I tried many times and never figured it out. 

    Having on the left side one element with the same length as two on the right side indeed does seem like it is difficult to do. 

    Thanks a lot!