Level 2 Sprint 2 DEM03 Baseline Forecast --- Question on the Exam


Hi --- Somehow, I cannot copy paste my complete formula into the answer box.  Did anyone ever have this problem?  I use Google Chrome browser.

Also, I think there are multiple ways to write that formula, how do you know that my answer is incorrect?


  • Hi @y_wang77,


    that is very weird, I do not recall having any troubles with copy pasting the formula. Worst case scenario you would need to write it...


    Regarding second part of your post. It's a bit tricky actually, and I was not happy about it as well. Therefore, it is important to check during Level 2 that you use exactly the same names of line items for example. The instructions specifically ask you to follow naming conventions as given to you.

  • Thanks!  1.  It seems like the answer box has a character limit and I cannot type my answer completely.  Tried it already.  2. I don't think it's the name problem.  There are different functions (LAG and OFFSET) that can be used to achieve the same result.  

  • I remember that I had one technical issue during Level 2 Exam as well last year and I contacted Academy Team, please use academy@anaplan.com


    They are very helpful and reply quickly 🙂


    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @y_wang77 

    Did you get the issue of copy/paste the formula into the exam box resolved? I know you can't directly write i9n the box.
    I am having the same issue as well and was looking if someone else did and what was the solution/workaround?

  • y_wang77

    Hi!  Unfortunately, there was no resolution provided to me.  You may try to contact support directly.  I have passed this exam and don't have to deal with it anymore.

  • Congratulations 🙂
    Did you pass the exam without having to get this question correct? or there was a workaround?
    I emailed Academy and waiting for their response.

  • y_wang77

    I did not get this question correct.  There was no workaround.

  • @y_wang77    Make sure you have no external extensions related to Anaplan in your browser.   This could be throwing off your copying and pasting.  With the actual formulas, we have several different variations of the formula that are accepted in the answer.  Make sure your naming conventions are correct and that you are following best practices around early exit and the formula tips. 

  • gchan01

    I encountered the same issue too and results in 2nd try for the exam. 😅