Efficient way of exporting large number values from Anaplan


I have a line item which contains number values, usually 13 to 15 digits long. 

While exporting these number values data is converted into scientific format.


For example in Anaplan grid, we can see number as 1,522,731,938,281.0 . Whereas, in the export the same number gets converted into 1.522731938281E12.(Scientific format) 


In exports, I don't want numbers to be in scientific format. I want them as it's showing in Anaplan.


Let me know how to handle this issue. Screenshot attached for reference.




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  • MagaliP
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    I have just tested it with the Excel add-in and it gives the expected result (see screenshot).

    You can find the documentation (including the add-in to download) and best practices (in particular performance information as you mention an "efficient way").Test.png


  • HI @frankestein178,

    Can you try this?

    Convert the number to text in Anaplan and try exporting that to .TXT file. This should solve your problem.

    Hope it helps!

  • Text exports represent numbers greater than 10^14 (or less than -10^14) in scientific format.

    I believe the TEXT calculation function will not use scientific notation if the number has no fraction and has absolute magnitude below 9,007,199,254,740,992. So this solution will work for this example, but has its limits.

  • Hi @kavinkumar , 


    Thank you for your response.


    Yes, you are correct. But requirement is to take the export in .csv and .xlsx format.

    Hence, any solution while taking export in csv & excel file format?




  • Hi @ben_speight , @kavinkumar 


    Thank you for your response.


    We have data in both fractional and non fractional format. What will be the best approach to handle this issue?




  • Hi @MagaliP ,


    Thank you for suggesting the excel add-ins.


    However, could you please suggest how to fix the issue in Anaplan as the data is being sent from Anaplan?




  •  Hi Himanshu,


    Thank you for your reply. I am afraid I do not know how to do this if the previously mentioned methods of exporting data do not work