Multi Scenario building


Hi.... I hope someone out there can provide some insight...

I need to built something there I can recorded different scenario!!


I already have a Scenario Version in my "Versions" however but I can only take one set of scenario "setting", I cant built anymore versions as every time I add a version it increase the size of the model dramatically 


What i have is a number of Adjustment modules where it will allow me to flux some of our key drivers by % (Sales volume by +2% or -15% etc for example). This indicator will change other modules which eventually will impact my P&L and balance sheet. 


What I want to do is within this the Scenario versions, I have a list of scenario 1, Scenario 2 etc so I can record adjustment in my adjustment modules, so I can just flick through these scenarios 1/2/3 and get different impact to the P&L



Hope i have explain this. Any suggestion welcome!!





  • Hi @Will Man 


    There is a multiple way to do the Scenario planning. As you mentioned you have created a separate version for scenario planning.I can understand your concern you don't want to touch others version data.Only one thing you should keep in mind that all input module data must copied to your Scenario version then only you can analyse different scenario.

    1. Create System module to control and for scenario selection.


    2. In your input module Add two extra line item to control the scenario value so in this method once your what-if is activated the it will take what-if value else your original value.This line item will be flow down to end or for all calculation.So it will have direct impact on P&L.




    Final Volume: IF NOT 'SYS_What-if'.'Activate What-IF?' THEN Volume ELSE Volume * (1 + 'What-IF Volume')


    3.  Create one more module with scenario as a dimension with existing dimension(Here Product)



    4. Now once you active What-If and select the Scenario version, You will see impact directly.



    Without What-IF, it will take the original value.




    You can create dynamic report as well


    Hope this helps!