How to create an action to assign parent to item in system module

i have a flat list and want to create a system module having the flat item list and now i want to assign parent for that list item in the system module. How to create the action to assign parent.



  • @saurav4ss 


    Flat lists are called Flat Lists because they don't have parents associated with it. You need to create hierarchical lists and then use FINDITEM formula to derive the parent of your flat list


    Or else if you want to Convert your Flat list your hierarchical list and get rid of flat list then


    1. Load data into parent list

    2. Define Parent to your flat list in anaplan

    3. Import data into Flat list with clear mapping between the two


    Hope that helps


  • Hi @saurav4ss,


    if you assign parent to a flat list then it is not a flat list. because flat list means list without parent.


    If i assume that you have flat list which is the concatenation of parent name and child name

    for eg: Hundai - i20

                Toyato - Etios


    Yes you can derive a parent name and child name using the list item.


    then you can create parent list and child list from the flat list, by performing 2 import operation.


    Let me know if you have doubt.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • actually i have created a flat list but the list item is having parent and i am not assigning parent to the list  and want to create a system module having flat list as a dimension and a line item to assign parent.

  • Where is the parent of the flat list items. It has to be somewhere in the hierarchical modules or in hierarchy atleast.


    Use FINDITEM formula in your system module to get the parent 


    For example in my flat list i have got




    Somewhere in the model Anaplan knows what is the parent of these list items.


    Create one line item in your System module - formatted as List ( this list has to be your hierarchical list which stores information about the parent)

    Line item 1 = FINIDITEM(Name of the list, Name(ITEM(Flat List)))


    Create another line item


    Line item 2 = PARENT(Line Item 1)


    You should be able to get the output as needed



  • Hi @saurav4ss ,


    You have List item which has already assigned parent.

    You want to assign parent to your list item, by creating a List formatted line item.


    What list are you going to use in this line item to assign parent?

    Is there any parent hierarchy for your flat list?


    or provide some screen shot for better understanding.