Non availability of Action buttons in mobile application


While using the mobile application, I observed that I am not able to see the import and export action buttons in the pages which I created in new UX pages. In one of the projects, since some of these actions are really essential for the process movement of the model as well as the requirement is for user friendliness w.r.t mobile app, non availability of actions seems to be a major bottleneck. Do we have any solution for the same ?

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  • SRoberts
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    @RahulSahooa recent update from April has provided a workaround! If you create a worksheet page and make a form, you can customize that form to include your create action. As long as you make sure to update your mobile app (like I failed to do at first lol) you can then open the worksheet, click the three dot ellipses at the top right of the screen and use your create action. It's a little clunky but an effective workaround until additional functionality is added.


  • @RahulSahoo 


    That's true. You won't be able to find any Action related items on the mobile app. I have a feeling that it is coming but I am not certain if it is in the future road map. 

  • Totally agree, not being able to utilize the form action in the mobile app renders the process I was hoping to create useless for now. @RahulSahoo have you added this to the idea exchange?

  • Yes, I have mentioned in the idea exchange forum and I guess, many other users have also suggested the same.